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The NEW normal!

What does Covid 19 mean for events? As we wait for Covid 19 to subside and maybe at last sports events can resume though I am not sure about indoor events / conferences / or festivals. Each of these will need to be reviewed closely and risk models applied, see what they have to say on Event Manager blog 

If we are to take anything away from the pandemic it is how creative people are about finding solutions or straight out reinventing themselves to allow them to continue to make a living.

Great examples of this are;

Blerter, event delivery platform!  Helping events centralize communications, operations, and safety processes – connecting your entire event team in one place. 

Racetec , is powerful, flexible and feature rich software for scoring all types of competitive races. Used by everyone from professional timing companies to local clubs. RaceTec’s focus over the past few mouths has been to help timers and events to minimise touch points and paperwork!

The introduction of powerful integrated APP’s allow us to provide registration solutions, Technical official course updates and more important countdown beepers for rolling starts!

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